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We have been in corporate carpooling, trusted by 1000+ companies globally. We understand what it all takes to get employees to safely carpool either within the company or with employees of nearby companies.

How does poolmyway work?

Poolmyway is a carpooling platform encouraging daily commuters to share the ride. We work on a 0% commission model. Riders and vehicle owners both can create carpools and add their route details along with other preferences. Commuters who find your carpool on their route will contact you via chat or phone.

How do I found a ride?

It's easy to go to our search carpool section, add source and destination and click on the search button to see the carpools available.

How do I create a carpool?

Create carpool is mentioned in the website header section. Simply mention your source (from) and destination (to) details along with other details. Once done your carpool will be live immediately & effectively.

Whom do I pay?

You can pay directly to the vehicle owner, we don't charge any commission on ride fare.

I am a vehicle owner, How do I get paid?

A rider can pay directly to you, we don't charge any commission on ride fare.

Is it ok to share my contact details?

Poolmyway makes sure the users' contact details are always kept safe. Hence we have locked the carpools for anonymous users, to avoid spam. Anyone who wants to contact you directly with you can start the conversation on chat. Besides this, we also urge our users to use the number masking feature which ensures your phone number is always secure, knows more about it. Know More.

What is the number masking feature?

Sharing phone numbers is an inevitable process when one has to coordinate to share the ride. To use the convenience of calling without knowing actual contact details, we provide a number masking facility, wherein your number will be masked by another number on our server, hence your contact details are never shared in this process.

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